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. the u.s. fired more than 100 cruise missiles into libya today as french fighter jets targeted the that the postal -- khaddafi 's fighters from above. >> u.s. officials say this will not be a ground war. u.s. troops will not be on the ground in libya. so far, 110 vessels have been lost from the sea into libyan territory targeting communication sites, air defense sites, to make it safe enough for aircraft to find -- to flat over libya to enforce a no-fly zone. -- to fly over libya to enforce a no-fly zone. khaddafi officials are calling this a brutal assault. they are sticking by a cease- fire. on the ground today, there was no cease-fire. khaddafi pulse of course this but asked about the pulse el -- cannot pay -- >> president obama has promised u.s. ground forces will not enter libya. his decision has upset some lawmakers. obama said the u.s. and its allies had no toys but to act. brian moore has the story from washington. >> bomar gaddafi -- khaddafi defied orders. >> over 110 tomahawk cruise missiles fired from u.s. and british ships struck more than 20 integrated air defense
to wbaltv.com and clicking on politics. >> fears of a nuclear meltdown in japan have prompted the u.s. to authorize the first evacuation of americans out of the country. the nuclear regulatory commission says this decision was based on the risk of radioactive contamination. let's go live to washington for the latest. >> the un says the situation is very serious but not deteriorating at this point. president obama says americans and japan need to be prepared. >> they spoke at the japanese embassy in washington and said the u.s. is bringing all sources to bear to protect american citizens in japan. they sought to reassure americans at home. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the u.s., whether it is that west coast, why, alaska or u.s. territories. >> at the nuclear plant, crews have been scrambling, using helicopters and cannons to douse the reactor with thousands of gallons of water. but it's difficult to know whether it's working. >> we believe it will help to cool down the fuel. however, we are not able to access the site. >> the first evacuations fled to tokyo
from his national security team as the u.s. sends more support to japan. >> an explosion in one reactor and fire in another sent dangerous levels of radiation into the air and left a boiling pool of nuclear fuel at the plant. >> we need now for everybody to move out of the 12-20 kilometer radius from the no. 1 plant. >> levels of radiation spite, then dropped sharply by the end of the day. the government impose a no-fly zone over the area for commercial aircraft. >> this was a double barrel whammy, as they say. >> the energy secretary sold -- told a senate panel backed an aircraft carrier arrived to detect radiation in the air and on the ground. others will monitors the sebec areas. >> we are managing teams at the consulate and military installations in japan. >> our sister station was told that it is important to provide constant oversight of our facilities here at home. >> i have already been instructed our nuclear regulatory agency to ensure that we take lessons learned from what is happening in japan and that we are constantly upgrading how we approach our nuclear safety in this cou
publicly answered questions about u.s. involvement. sally is live with the latest. >> the president says regime change is not the focus of the current mission. he says other efforts are underway to make that happen. >> it is very easy to square our military actions and our stated policies. >> president obama clarifying the u.s. mission in libya. >> it is u.s. policy that gaddafi needs to go. we have a wide range of tools in addition to our military efforts to support a policy. >> the commander of u.s. operations in libya says regime change may not be the outcome of the current limited mission. >> is the ideal? i do not think anyone would say that is ideal. >> the general says u.s. and british forces launched a dozen tomahawk missiles monday, again focusing on gaddafi facilities. >> our mission is clear and we are moving forward. >> some analysts say it would be a mistake to allow gaddafi to stay in power. >> they are trying to buy time for those in the opposition to be able to put together a sufficient force to be able to overthrow gaddafi on their own. >> the u.s. military says oppositi
. this is a potentially catastrophic disaster. we have more on the u.s. response. >> president obama says that his thoughts and prayers are with the people and they are ready to help with whatever they need. the night sky over japan with fires still burning. >> of the magnitude -- the 8.9 magnitude quake rattled everything from offices to the japanese legislature. more than 50 aftershocks followed. there was a trail of devastation on the ground. >> this is unlike anything we have experienced here before. >> a massive tsunami unleashed a wave of water in coastal areas near the epicenter northeast of tokyo. it destroyed everything in its path. >> i am heartbroken by this tragedy. >> president obama pledged u.s. assistance in japan. >> today's events remind us how fragile life can be. our hearts go out to our friends in japan and across the region and we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild. >> the military are the has a ship in japan and more headed to the region. robert gates says that u.s. forces are prepared to help. >> this is a huge disaster and we will do anything we are asked to d
exposure. the evacuation zone around one plant has been expanded. officials in u.s. are monitoring the situation. brian mooar has that part of the story from washington. >> first in the massive earthquake. then the deadly tsunami. now japan is facing fears of a nuclear crisis after this power plant was rocked by an explosion saturday afternoon. the united states is watching through the regulatory commission, just one way the american government and people are responding as the toll of the japanese tragedy becomes into focus. president obama has gotten regular briefings in the white house. in the disaster zone, 90 u.s. navy helicopters are delivering food, supplies, and hope. the federal management agency dispatched teams from fairfax, va., and los angeles. veterans of disasters around the world. >> we imagine all lot like the katrina scenario with new orleans. >> americans are donating to the red cross and other relief agencies across the u.s. hoping to help those in need a world away. but hawaii and the west coast are still assessing their own damage after the tsunami reached our
of the mission is still uncertain. the u.s. will no longer be in the league. the message the obama administration is eager to deliver since the military operation began. >> as i speak, the authority is being shifted to nato. >> control of the entire mission is still being worked out. nato has agreed to assume control for all of it, but details are still in the works. the pentagon says more countries are joining the operation. >> the division of labor between the u.s. under partners is largely even doubt. >> despite days of air strikes, military leaders say muammar gaddafi ground forces are still a significant threats. the u.s. ambassador to libya says the opposition appears to be making some progress. >> we're not pollyanna about saying that we know everything that -- about who we are dealing with. they are off to a good start. >> some analysts say this lack of knowledge about the opposition is troublesome. >> this is one of the other pieces of the puzzle. it has yet to become clear. the white house continues to make missteps. >> the president had a conference call with congressional leaders toda
. >> state and u.s. officials held a round table to celebrate one year of health care reform. it was anley said active step forward for the health of marylanders. >> the u.s. has extended coverage to 262,000 people that did not have it before and half of them are children. >> the governor says the state will save an estimated $850 million and cut the number of marylanders living without health insurance in half by the year 2020. >> wine lovers, do not pop the corks just yet. a bill allowing consumers to get wind directly from the winery hit a roadblock in annapolis. >> david collins joins us with the latest period of >> they need a better corkscrew or something. concerns akey wrench passage and an exemption. direct wine shipments from a retail store is out, allowing winery's to mail your favorite vintages to your homes is still an option. it is part of a compromise that got this contentious piece of legislation to both the house and senate floors. but it may still wither on the vine, so to speak. both versions allow maryland consumers to order up to 18 cases of wine directly into their hom
. and he did. we will miss him very much, very, very much. >> funeral arrangements are pending. >> u.s. forces recovered two american pilots after their plane crashed over libya. this comes on day four of a multi nation operation over there. sally kidd is in washington with the latest. >> good evening, rob. if the crew of that jet suffered only minor injuries. the crash happened as coalition forces were expanding the no-fly zone. >> military commanders say the f-15 was conducting a strike mission against libyan installations when a crucial piece of equipment malfunctioned. the two crewmembers ditch the jack and bailed out safely. one pilot was covered by coalition -- was recovered by coalition forces. >> the other pilot was recovered by rebel forces. he was treated with dignity and respect and is now in the care of the united states. >> the pentagon confirmed reports that government forces were attacking civilians in this rock, but would only say all options were being explored to protect them. russia is calling for an immediate halt to the air strikes in order to prevent more civilian
can. >> this is raising questions about the safety of nuclear power plants here in the u.s. they say 23 of the 104 reactors operating in this country have the same design as those at fukushima. they fear the u.s. is unprepared to respond to a nuclear disaster. >> power reactors are decades old. we have lots of problems with those reactors and problems that we do not have a regulatory structure that is on top of how dangerous those reactors are. >> the members of congress calling for a moratorium on new plants. >> we need to call a timeout and examine whether or non those safety features which are going to be necessary in the future are built into the new nuclear plants in our country. >> the chairman of the nuclear regulatory commission say nuclear plants in the u.s. are safe and are designed to withstand significant natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunami is. >> we will always take whatever steps necessary to ensure the safety and security of nuclear power plants in this country, but right now we believe we have a very strong program in place. >> do winehouse says the pr
to become ill -- to become eligible for the college tuition break. these schools have open enrollment. u.s. citizens would not be displaced. after completing two years of study, they could transfer to a four-year institution and still get the in state college tuition rates. >> what we want to do is for kids to have been slain by the rules, going to school and doing what they're told, have good grades and marketing in to school on their own neddick -- merits, no one is getting in on a free ride. >> undocumented students may be given a 4000-6000 -- $4,000- $6,000 braked at the college level. >> how is it going to help our work force to get in-state tuition to be illegal aliens when they're not allowed to work in this state anyway? >> the bill mandates illegal immigrants prove either they or their parents paid maryland taxes for two years prior to enrollment. they would also have to submit proof they're attempting to become u.s. citizens. >> i think they are afraid of change. the state is changing. >> the senate president anticipates a prolonged debate. he is calling members in early and is c
that conditions at the crippled nuclear plants have now deteriorated even further. >> the u.s. government urging american citizens in the area to follow new safety precautions. sally kid has the latest from washington . >> the head of the nuclear regulatory commission says he believes nucleus -- radiation levels are extremely high. precious time was lost in the race to prevent a nuclear meltdown when a burst of radiation lead to a temporary evacuation of workers at the plant. the head of the nuclear regulatory commission said the crisis could escalate if workers cannot keep the reactor school. one of the pools appear to have run out of water. >> if they are lost, and may be difficult to replace them. that could lead to more significant damage to the fuel and potentially some type of release. >> the white house issued this warning to americans in the area. those that are within a 50 mile radius of the reactors, evacuate from that area. the emperor of japan delivered are rare televised address to the nation. currently the entire nation is putting forth its best effort to save all suffering people.
address to reassure americans that libya will not become a third war front. the u.s. will remain involved, but beginning monday nato forces and a canadian general will be in charge. brian mooar has the latest on this from washington. >> british defense video shows the kind of punishment will market dock the's punishment will be taking if they defied a u.n. order. -- the kind of punishment that will face.roops president obama is still explaining this. >> we are succeeding. we have taken out the libyan air defenses. his forces are no longer dancing. >> nato is expected to take over on monday with a canadian in the lead. it is a three-star general and no stranger to working with americans. >> to be the nato commander conducting the actions in the middle east. >> if you had asked me if we should jump in the late, i would say now. once we jump in the lake, i say swim as fast as you can. >> they say the u.s. did not do enough quickly enough. others are ready to fight to keep the united states safe. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> the house today passes dozens of bills. -- look at some of
the libyan people. >> robert gates said the u.s. would turn over control as soon as saturday. the administration had a clearly defined and a game. >> there are any number of possible outcomes here and no one is in a position to predict them. it was tricky for the president. they did not feel like to receive proper notification. you have a big commitment that many people would like to explain. >> some say turning over control to an international coalition might not look good politically. >> everyone would like to think that we are in charge. when you have a commander in chief says that we will defer this to nato, that will allow them -- to get -- that will allow them to get beat up by a different set of critics. >> before you go, do we have any idea of what this is costing the u.s.? >> well, one analyst is putting the cost at more than $1 billion. the congressional research service says it depends on a number of factors including how long this operation lasts and how much other countries chipping in. >> thank you. a new video service on line of a bomb exploding near civilians
] leaders gathered for a crisis conference. secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. would not rule out a political solution but there is the time line. >> we are working with the international community to try to achieve that outcome. >> said there were no discussions about arming the rebels. >> what are your thoughts about that? >> we are examining very closely the content, composition, the personalities, who are the leaders in these opposition forces. >> the seek more answers from the president after his speech. he will get their chance. a classified briefing with members of congress ought wednesday. >> what role should the u.s. play in libya? half of respondents want nothing to do with it while the rest are divided over supporting the mission from the air. click on the libya link in "hot topics." >> almost toward the end of march and we have been running below normal for the past week as far as temperatures go. we will finish up this month and head toward the start of april. 52 degrees today, short of the normal high of 59. check out the record high. back in 1945, on the other s
with the latest. >> the u.s. attorney's office says it's one of the largest cases to be prosecuted in baltimore city with more than 20 people facing charges at the federal level. felicia pearson is well known for playing snoop on "the wire." she is charged with distributing heroin but they would not comment further. she is one of 63 who were arrested in an early-morning drug bust. many of the suspects are accused of getting hairline and other drugs to sell here in baltimore. local, state, and federal officials have been investigating the since 2008. more than 60 people have been arrested but officials are still looking for more. >> this should be a reminder to every bad guy in the city that we have a good team coming to get you. we have a good team of federal partners. we of a good team of state partners. we have a good team of guys that will hunt you down and bring you to justice. >> that happened at 4:00 this morning. one of our lead reporters was the only one on the streets and we have more on the ground up. >> felicia pearson was arrested this morning after police busted into her apartment.
that no u.s. ground forces will be sent into libya. >> watch live at wbal tv and act wbaltv.com. we will have that speech live at 7:30 p.m. >> fire officials say a suspicious package found near the help the apartment building in anne arundel county was just a briefcase. -- the health department building in anne arundel county was just a briefcase. members of the bomb squad said the case was empty and perhaps someone just put it next to the trash bin to throw it away. >> baltimore officials say its murder rate is going down. the police chief said the murder rate from 2009 to thousand 10 is down 10%. police credit -- to 2010 is down 10%. police credit increased patrol officer presents. >> old techniques along with new technology has made us safer in the county. >> police said that in the last five years murders are down 50%. >> tonight, a teenager is dead and another injured in a double shooting in northeast baltimore the call came in around 8:00 p.m. in the 3200 block of emily avenue. >> police have identified the victim as 17-year-old steven oglesby. police have made no arrests, but
there is no misinterpretation about how the u.s. fell about where oil markets were going. >> the energy information administration says there is bare capacity out there and that opec could ramp up production by another four 0.7 million barrels a day. >> check the areas gas prices were ever you are at a computer. you can compare local gas prices and calculate your gas mileage. just click consumer alert. it can also find gas prices on your cellphone. >> the high property-tax is in baltimore city may be a hot- button issue this year in the mayoral race. earlier today, councilman carl stokes introduced legislation he says can lower the city's tax rate over the next five years to compete with surrounding counties. >> lowell melser has the latest on this story. >> councilman stokes introduce that legislation about an hour ago. it is confident he can drop the cities' pretax rate by a 50% of the year 2016. he says his plan will bring a boon to the city and create jobs. he is receiving a lot of opposition from fellow council members, even the mayor, who is calling this a stretch. facing the highest property
and filling up their papers and getting out their green card. this is worth is so they can become legal u.s. citizens. >> what about those who want to be good contributors to the state and are working very hard and proving that smart can be contributors. >> the senate officially adopted an amendment which would require this to this to attend two years of a local community college before transferring. this is one of as many as 15 amendments that can be used. >> people disagree with it. this is a flawed bill. >> the senate pick up the debate at 5:00 this evening. >> the senate voted down its two rivals spending plans. the deadline for averting a shutdown is march 18th. we go live to washington where a new -- for a look at where things stand now. >> the vote means the stalemate drags on and the two sides are still more than $50 billion apart. all of the partisan securing -- to align >> this bill is a disaster. >> might colleagues need to get with the program. >> republicans want to cut 57 billion. >> this is not a bill about numbers. this is a mean-spirited bill. this will cut the heart of the
across the u.s. and political upheaval in the middle east is mostly to blame. 11 news reporter brian mooar has the story from washington. >> the showdown in libya and uncertainty across the middle east are hitting america where it hurts. >> they're killing us. they are killing us. i am out of work. >> from the garden state to the golden state, americans are paying the price. >> how do you fight it? >> not just that the pumps. >> you are going to go into delivery. >> how much more are we going to spend, i cannot answer. >> people will not be able to afford the house is that they have to pay for gas. >> field prices are weighing on the economy just as it showed a rebounding. >> it has sky rocketed. libya is one of the top 12 in production. >> brian mooar, but wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can calculate your gas mileage on our website, wbaltv.com. still ahead, a drunk priest caught on camera. a look at how storms are impacting the midwest and how we will be affected. the latest in the ibm ♪ i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pic
. the very harsh winter across the northern interior of the u.s., and even parts of the south. today, though, is the first day of march and there is not only lack of snow, but no precipitation almost nationwide. a few showers over spring training down in central and southern florida. and rain and snow showers in the pacific northwest, but that is about it. march is beginning -- coming in like a lamb. 49 degrees today, right on target. the record high is 80, and 11 for the record low in 1980. as high pressure strengthens over the region and the winds become quiet, the temperatures will cool off quickly. and 40 qazi just on northwest. mid to upper 40's across central virginia. ocean city has cooled off to 39. hagerstown is at 41 and oakland and 40 degrees. most areas in the 20's overnight with clear skies and light winds. the sunset just a few minutes ago at 5:59 p.m. with high pressure of the region, expect winds out of the southwest for the first half of tomorrow. mild air will come in, but it will not stick around long. we will hit the mid 50's tomorrow and in this cold front comes through
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21